Our Commitment to Physicians

Physicians trust CareAll because of our history of providing quality home care dating back to 1985. Our highly trained nurses, therapists and caregivers strictly follow doctor’s orders, and if we notice a change in the condition of a patient, we contact you immediately to determine if the change in the care plan is needed.

Our caregivers work with patients to reinforce your instructions through information and education, and the supervising nurse will provide timely progress reports.

Like you, we are committed to outcome-based care — the improvement in the health and quality of life of your patients is our number-one goal. According to Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) data, the Home Health Care Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HHACAHPS) Survey and other quality measurements, CareAll scores above or equal to state and national averages for key measurements including:

  • How often patients’ wounds improve after an operation
  • How often patients got better at taking their drugs correctly by mouth
  • How often we check patients for risk of falls and symptoms of depression
  • How often patients improve at walking and getting in and out of bed
  • How often patients have to be admitted to the ER or hospital

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