“Show your Fall Colors” for Sequatchie County

Pic 3

This years theme was “Show Off Sequatchie County”.  Pictured is a replica of the famous coke ovens outside the Dunlap office.


Dunlap Coke Ovens Coal Mining Museum & ParkThe historic site contains the ruins of 268 Beehive Coke Ovens built in 1902.  This wooded park is found at the base of the Cumberland Plateau in the beautiful Sequatchie Valley.  A two story museum replicates the original company store which houses all history of coke production and coal mining in the region including TN, GA, and AL.  Coal was dug out of the mountain nearby, then piled into mining cars and lowered into this valley.  The coals were then baked in outdoor ovens until it turned into a by-product of coal called coke, a product used to smelt iron ore.  The coke was then loaded onto trains and taken to factories in Chattanooga and Birmingham.

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